Sunday, July 7, 2013

Radical Form vs. Radical Content

It has been quiet here for a very long time, at least in part because I now have a Tumblr account and, with it, another, much more active blog. But by the same token, given the way that Tumblr is set up, I had long intended to keep longer musings confined to this blog, however frequently or infrequently that I might have them.

One slipped out, though. So I decided that I would link it here, just to keep some symmetry. It is, simply, an impromptu response to a terribly interesting article about an "anti-capitalist" art show that fell a bit short of the mark. It is, as per usual, less about the article itself (with which I agree) than about something that certain individuals might take from it. Perhaps I am jumping the gun with my assumptions, but better to talk too much than fail to speak when it is important.